Appointment booking

Appointment booking is no longer mandatory to come visit the shop here in Frysjaveien 35 (entrance C), however it’s highly appreciated if you take the time to do so, (or at least send a message on Facebook) to make sure I’m here (sometimes I have to run an errand) but also to try and avoid having to many people needing help and support in the shop at once 🙂

The Roller Derby Starter Course with Oslo Roller Derby is starting soon, so we have extended opening hours (15-21) on the following dates: Monday 5. sept., Wednesday 7. sept, Friday 9. sept, Tuesday 13. sept, Wednesday 14. sept og Thursdag 15. sept.

Regular hours are:

  • Wednesdays: 15-22 (yeah, late evening)
  • Mon/Tue/Thur/Fri: 15-17
  • Saturdays: by appointment only

Also, norwegian is my native language, but since I have several english speaking customers it’s easier to write this info in english to save a little space 🙂


If you can’t make it any of these days we’ll find a day and a time that fits your schedule. Get in touch by sending a message on or send an email to You can also contact me if you have any other questions regarding gear of course.

The address is:
Deng Roller Derby Shop
Frysjaveien 35 (Entrance C, halfway down the road on the right hand side of the building)
0884 Oslo

By bus:
To get here by bus, the bus stop name is “Frysja”. From Oslo S take the 54 to Kjelsås, or from the west side/Majorstua, the 22 towards Galgeberg or 25 towards Lørenskog Stasjon.

By Electric Scooter:
VOI Scooters have an allowed range that extends all the way to the shop.

By car:
There is paid parking right outside of the shop, 30,- for an hour.